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Aiken Compost

We divert horse manure away from landfills by delivering nutritious soil ideal for moisture & erosion control, weed mitigation, and healthy vegetation.



Compost re-vegetates and revitalizes marginal soils, and is most commonly used as an amendment, adding nutrients, organic matter, and micro-organisms. Compost also increases moisture holding capacity, therefore reducing water requirements. Compost also decreases bulk density, which is ideal for public turf, allowing for better growth and less compaction. Another benefit of compost is that is sequesters carbon, combating greenhouse gases. Consider nutrient-rich compost for the following applications:

Parks & Playgrounds

Golf Courses

Medians & Shoulders

Garden Beds

Habitat Management



We procure manure from local horse farms and horse show facilities. Our composted manure is available for pick-up or delivery. If you are a farm interested in take-away, please inquire if you would like a one-time or recurring haul from your facility.


Hours of Operation

Please contact us to inquire about pricing and to schedule a pick-up or delivery. or 917-592-6058

MONDAY – FRIDAY, 9:00AM to 5:00PM